Thursday, November 17, 2011

Response to Amanda Hillary's Letter to Ms. Silko

Ms. Silko,
I recently read a letter written to you by Amanda Hillary. There were many points she brought up that I think are very important. Some of these points, I would like to re-emphasize to you and some of them I have a different take on. After reading your story, I got an image of border patrol that I have never really  had. I have heard many news stories about all the problems with border patrol and security. However, I have never heard a story from someone that actually went through this trouble. When you say "There was an awful feeling of menace and violence straining to break loose. It was clear the uniformed men would be only too happy to drag us out of the car if we did not speedily comply with their request"I just cannot even imagine the fear you must have had. As Amanda briefly talks about, I too can see why the border patrol employees have to inspect people coming across borders. Today, there are many problems with border patrol and the previous lack of it has hurt our country. Also, as Amanda says, there is no reason at all for the brutal treatment of people trying to cross the borders. Personally, I have not experienced any kind of hatred like this. However, in high school, I was friends with a girl who was from Pakistan. All four years of high school, the school went on a trip that involved flying. It never failed that every time we went through security at an airport, she would be the one who was "randomly searched". This really upset her and I can only imagine why. At the same time, though, it was people from the same country she is from that tore our country apart on September 11, 2001. Unlike Amanda, I believe that there are not problems with brutal treating of people trying to cross the border now, especially not to the extent that you experienced. I'm sure those who don't comply with the officials are treated a little harsher though. Thankfully, we have laws against that kind of treatment of humans now. Unfortunately, that certain level of racism involved in border patrol is still present and many people are required to be searched because of their ethnicity. I hope our letters to you have enlightened you a little bit about how border patrol is today just as your story enlightened me so very much on the horrible extent of brutal treating you received. Hopefully someday our world will be able to live peacefully and these horrible border patrol problems will be non existent.
Elyse Nichols


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